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Family & Feuds - Clip - Austin & Ally - Disney Channel Official02:05

Family & Feuds - Clip - Austin & Ally - Disney Channel Official

Did you Know...

  • During taping "Partners and Parachutes", Laura accidently said "Ross I..." instead of "Austin I"
  • In an interview about the Ross,Maia,and Laura Relationship, He said Laura and Him argue more probably because they are very close.
  • In an interview,Ross wanted "Auslly" to stay together hinting Raura.
  • Ross Stated he and Laura are like a "Married Couple" because they argue and help each other out during an interview
  • Ross's R5 members tease Ross about "Raura
  • Stormie Lynch (Ross's Mom) ships Raura
  • Laura was asked to prom not by Ross which Ross tweeted "R5 is way better than prom" hinting a little jealously she was asked out.


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