"Timeless" was sung by Ross Lynch in also known as "Austin Moon" in "Future Sounds and Festival songs".

Austin Moon (Ross Lynch) - Timeless HD01:44

Austin Moon (Ross Lynch) - Timeless HD



I fall for you a little more-oh-ore,
And every night, night, night,
I dream of you so beautiful-uh-ul,

And everytime we laugh,
I see the sparks flying,

 And everytime you blush,
I feel those butterflies,

Baby, how we feel,
We'll always be style,
Forever and ever,

 This love is never gonna fade,
We are Timeless,
We are Timeless,

My heart will never ever change,
We are Timeless,

 We are Timele-eh-yeah-yeah-ess,
And we're gonna la-yeah-yeah-ast,

Our love will always feel this waaaaay,
We are Timele-eh-yeah-ess,
We are Timele-eh-yeah-ess!


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